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2014 – Performance in Lakeview Care Home


It is a long tradition of VCCA to bring lovely and wonderful Chinese music to all corners of different communities. Annually, we place particular emphasis on our return visits to care homes for the elderly especially around Chinese New Year.
On 2014-02-13, Lakeview Care Centre invited VCCA to perform for their resident seniors. For this joyous occasion, we carefully chose songs including “Wishing You Happiness, Dance of Youth, A Flicker of Candlelight, Love Surpasses Mountains and Seas, and A Song for You, etc.”. Every song is a time-tested standard, soothing, moving and uplifting. All the “super-seniors” present were totally immersed in the familiar and lovely tunes. Some sang along, smiling, and willingly let their past memorable moments take their emotions back to those happy times.

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2013 – Flash Mob in Aberdeen Centre

2013年11月11日溫哥華影視人協會連同加拿大血液服務中心(Canada Blood Service)聯合舉辦「捐血獻愛心」大行動 (Give Love Give Blood), 溫哥華國韻被邀請到列治文時代坊作「快閃」演出。能夠為公益儘一點力,國韻當然義不容辭。是次參與演出的團員超越50人,全數嚴陣以待,迎接新的嘗試。當日時屆中午時份,時代坊內人山人海,「快閃」行動由嚴瑾老師領唱一曲「茉莉花」帶領下,從三樓美食中心一路唱到一樓的噴泉旁邊的大舞台,吸引了眾多在場人士,有些還投入與我們一同歌唱,氣氛澎湃。今次演出除了饒有意義之外,還讓我們有新的學習,給我們新的感覺!
The “Give Love, Give Blood” campaign, organized by the Vancouver Film and Television Artists’ Society and co-sponsored by the Canadian Blood Services, took place on 2013-11-11 at the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC.
Vancouver Chinese Choir Association (VCCA) was invited to the event and participated in the form of a ‘Flash Mob Performance”. Over 50 choir members rehearsed diligently beforehand and welcomed this new challenge and experience. The Aberdeen Centre was packed on the 11th. Around midday, led by Ms Jessica Yan, our choir group started the song “Jasmine” on the 3rd floor food fair, and descended to the 1st floor stage in the general area of the fountain. Along the way, our song exhilarated everyone in the crowded solarium; some even joined in and sang. In addition to the event being meaningful, it also schooled us in a new form of delivery of our music

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